Small Programs

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This page hosts a collection of small programs that are vaguely interesting or useful.

Related Disk Image Pre-Compression Transformation

Download version 2015042701

This is a program for interleaving multiple disk images (or other similar data) together in a manner that is efficient for compressing with an external program.

Massive Text File Collection Searcher

Download version 2015042601

This short Python 3 program searches through a large collection of text files in a directory (and its subdirectories) using a regular expression. The results are displayed in a text interface (created with ANSI escape codes and getch) that is designed to conveniently scroll through many matching files. This is useful when searching through the large collection of text files that might be retrieved with file carving.

Markov Chain Generation and Random Word Split Programs

Download version 2014011401

These programs generate Markov chains based on input text. markovgen is a program to generate strings from Markov chains. randsplit is a program to write stdin out to randomly sized files.

DCT Image Scaler

Download version 2013060901

This program resizes images by truncating or zero padding a two dimensional discrete cosine transform.

Mandelbrot Set with Colour Background

Download version 2013051401

I noticed that if you plot the inverse tangent of the escape point when calculating the Mandelbrot set using the escape time algorithm, then you get a fun background.

Mandelbrot set with colourful background